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Balmain Park_Public Room

This design proposal is for a public room situated in Balmain, adjacent to the ferry wharf. The design aims to create a delicate barrier separating inside and out, and to provide a luminous beacon for the park and its thoroughfare.        

Alteration and Addition

    We are currently finalising this small addition to a mock federation house in Wollongong. Working with a tight budget we have added a 30sqm living room and kitchen with a skillion roof which draws opens the house to the north. The room opens to create a large indoor outdoor living/deck and entertaining room.

Old and New

This is an exciting little project we are working on at the moment. The addition of a functional and economical extension to a Wollongong residence. The extension is a modern addition to a small former social housing cottage. The design brief calls for a multifunction room used as a infant daycare centre, two additional bedrooms […]

UTS Masterplan Animation

Technicart working with Real Feel just completed an architectural 3D animation for the University of Technology Sydney. The 3D animation puts into context new Sydney campus buildings by Frank Gehry, Denton Corker Marshall, Lacoste Stevenson, and PTW. The animation was completed under a tight deadline and allowed the client and the public to see the […]

Taiwan Exhibition Centre

04_03_2011  I have moved from Cox architects and have had to leave this exciting project behind. My final work on this involved design development on the roof. Our structural system changed from the portal like truss frame to a triangulated grid frame with smaller bracing trusses. There is much work to be done on this […]

Technicart’ award winning research project (RAIA 2009_Partridge Partners) was undertaken with Peter Ung at UTS under the guidance of Anthony Burke and Ben Hewitt in 2008. The project class was titled Computational Media and it specifically looked at Tall tower typologies with an emphasis on exploring new structural possibilities. Our project examined the use of […]

Commercial Work

For the past 6 years Luke has worked with Cox Architects in Sydney, Australia. His work is focused around front end design, parametric modeling, complex geometry and structures, architectural rendering and visualisation. Working closely with Phillip Cox, much of the recent work has been focused in Asia, including Singapore, Vietnam and China. Luke’s design skills […]

KSW Performance Space

This experimental project was undertaken under the supervision of Ben Hewitt at the University of Technology Sydney. The studio centered on the use of organisational diagrams as a generator of architectural form. The theories and work of Ben Van Berkel and UN Studio were used as an underpinning in this project. The building is a […]

Residential Design

Briefless_2010 Nothman House_Reworking_2010 – We recently revisted the Nothman house looking to reconfigure the circulation space and subsequently the floor plan and facade diagram. The project is currently undergoing revisions based on client feedback. Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_Design Development_2010 Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_Design Development_2010 Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_Design Development_2010 Nothman House_Dover Heights_2009 – Technicart was engaged to provide […]

Parametric Modelling

Technicart assists architects and engineers through the application of high end digital modeling technologies. Below are some recent examples of projects utilising paramametric modeling techniques as generative design tools. Increasingly these tools are used in conjunction with 3D rendering and 3D animation techniques to explore new spatial possibilities. The parametric model allows designers to explore […]

Digital Fabrication

Technicart offers expert services for CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and digital fabrication for the architecture industry in Sydney and abroad. Our directors have worked for some of Australias largest Architectural and design companies delivering accurate digital models for digital fabrication. The companies directors include Architects, Industrial designers and professional model makers who have experience in producing detailed digital […]

Red Room

This design was done by Luke in 2002 in some downtime at work. “It was my first attempt to render architectural space using 3D software and was a reaction to the boxes the architects were designing around me.” It was an experimental look at NURBS modeling and a chance to stock a virtual room full […]

Environmental Performative Design_UTS_2008_Jack Greenland Prize_ This project examined different design methods available for the design of environmentally optimised architecture. Through the examination of natural systems, particularly those of plants, different methods of designing and verifying environmental performance were established. These tools included digital simulation tools allowing the design to be tested for airflow, light, acoustic […]

3D rendering/Visualisation

Technicart offers high quality 3D rendering and visualisation for the Architecture, design, construction and marketing industries. Our team includes Architects, designers and model makers who have extensive experience in producing photorealistic 3d renderings and stylised images to convey a projects soul. Our 3D renderings produce compelling images which are an important part of the design […]


Technicart has recently been modeling a lot of bridges for Cox Architects. 3D parametric modeling tools allow for the relatively easy adjustment of these structural systems, and some beautiful renders by Technnicart collaborator Peter Ung have given these models a sense of scale and atmosphere. China Bridges_3d renderings_2010 China Bridges_3d Model_2010 Vietnam Bridge_Architectural Animation_2008 Vietnam […]

Tower Types

This post will act as a repository of experiments, WIP and ideas surrounding tower typologies. Shown below are some  investigations around tall  building types. Taiwan Tower Competition_Experiments_2010 China Office Tower_2010 I recently spent a short amount of time drafting this tower at work. A conventional office tower recalling Renzo Pianos Aurora place tower in Sydney.  […]


This post contains a range of experimental work and work in progress.