Digital Fabrication

Technicart offers expert services for CAD/CAM, rapid prototyping and digital fabrication for the architecture industry in Sydney and abroad. Our directors have worked for some of Australias largest Architectural and design companies delivering accurate digital models for digital fabrication. The companies directors include Architects, Industrial designers and professional model makers who have experience in producing detailed digital and physical models for use in prototyping and construction. Our experience includes CNC milling, Laser cutting, and 3D printing and traditional model making which we have used for scale models and for full scale production, prototypes and moulds. We offer first class parametric modelling, 3d rendering, rapid prototyping, visualisation and physical model making allowing you to realise your project.

We offer these services to other design professionals and can utilise our experience and software expertise to produce precise and manufacturable digital models for architects, designers and manufacturers.



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