Parametric Modelling

Technicart assists architects and engineers through the application of high end digital modeling technologies. Below are some recent examples of projects utilising paramametric modeling techniques as generative design tools. Increasingly these tools are used in conjunction with 3D rendering and 3D animation techniques to explore new spatial possibilities. The parametric model allows designers to explore complex geometric relationships assessing the design with 3d renderings and rapid prototyping. Technicart has been involved with deploying these technologies on large scale international projects.

Our work for Cox on the Marina Bay waterfront has recently been completed. One component was a large sculptural pipe which sprays a fine mist to cool passing pedestrians. The design was modeled and rationalised using Grasshopper for Rhino software. The parametric software allowed us to define minimum arc curvatures, column spacing and angles and overall tube length. Once these were established the curve was continuously tweaked until Phillip Cox was satisfied with the aesthetic result. The digital data was used by manufacturers in Singapore to bend the stainless steel tube into a complex free form sculpture.

Cox Richardson_Marina Bay Mister_2010

Technicart for Cox Richardson_Marina Bay Mister_Parametric Model_2008


Parametric Model_Pudong Canopy_2009


Parametric Model_Pudong Canopy_2009


Parametric Model_Pudong Canopy_2009


Parametric Model_Macau Exhibition Roof_2009

parametric structure towers

Parametric Model_Macau Exhibition _ Structure and Planning Ex_2009


Parametric Model_Macau Exhibition _ Structure and Planning Ex_2009


Parametric Model_Macau Exhibition _ Structure and Planning Ex_2009

Bone Building

Parametric Model_Cloth Simulation _ Computational Media_2008

Canopy Test

Parametric Model_Canopy Paneling _  Ex_2009

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