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Nothman House_Reworking_2010 – We recently revisted the Nothman house looking to reconfigure the circulation space and subsequently the floor plan and facade diagram. The project is currently undergoing revisions based on client feedback.


Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_Design Development_2010


Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_Design Development_2010


Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_Design Development_2010

Nothman House_Dover Heights_2009 – Technicart was engaged to provide sketch design and DA drawings for this house in Dover Heights. The client’s brief called for maximum views while retaining enough privacy to be able to move about the house naked. The design uses a planter box which wraps the house to allow views out while obscuring the clients precious assets and providing sun sheilding from the north and western exposure.

Dover Heights_house_el

Residential Design_Dover Heights_Sydney_DA elevations_2009

Dover Heights_house

Conceptual 3d Rendering_Dover Heights_Sydney_2009

Dover Heights_house_1

Conceptual 3d Rendering_living room_Dover Heights_Sydney_2009

Dover Heights_house_2

Conceptual 3d Rendering_rumpus room_Dover Heights_Sydney_2009

Dover Heights_house_3

Conceptual 3d Rendering_living room_Dover Heights_Sydney_2009

House for an Animator_Hunters Hil_2004- Technicart designed this house for a passionate artist and animator, his partner and his son. Situated on a difficult cliff slope in Hunters Hill overlooking the harbour the project examines spatial relationships using the concept of “keyframes” to form the house around a few important linking elements. The project was designed using 3d digital modeling and 3D rendering to craft a house which makes the most of its difficult solar orientation.


3d Perspectives_Exterior/interior_Hunters Hill_Sydney_2005


Elevations and Sections_Hunters Hill_Sydney_2005

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