Technicart’s work has been exhibited, published and awarded in various mediums.

NSW AIA_ Partridge Partners Award_2009_ for excellence in Structure in Architecture


Luke Novotny with Peter Ung was awarded the AIA 2009 Partridge Partners Awards acknowledging their UTS Masters project undertaken in the Computational Media course. The award recognises projects which demonstrate a seamless integration between structure and architecture.

Jack Greenland Award_2009_ for excellence in environmentally performative design


Venice Biennale Abundant Australia_2008_ Luke Novotny’s UTS project in physical model form was exhibited at the 2008 Venice Biennale in the Australian Pavillion.


Architectural Review_2009_Form and Structure

Lukes research around computational media was featured in Anthony Burke’s essay ” Structuring Complexity” featured in Architectural Review April/May 2009.


Autodesk Viz 2007_Product packaging image

An image produced for Cox Richardson architects was used extensively by Autodesk (AutoCad, 3D StudioMax/Viz, Revit) to promote its architectural suite of design and visualisation software. The image was used for the cover of Autodesk’s specialist visualisation software, Autodesk Viz 2007.


Elemental_2_The Worlds best Autodesk Art

An image produced for Cox Richardson architects was published as a high quality double page spread in a high quality digital art and rendering book, Elemental 2 by Ballistic publishing.